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Hotel Umbral


Hotel Umbral is part of an initiative by Origen, a company whose philosophy relies on the rescue and restoration of historic protected buildings which are unique and special. This is achieved by the creation of experiences which fusion art, gastronomy and culture giving the visitor memories which are unique and distinct. The initials contemplates the support of young Mexican creators and Mexican companies to generate a project that lasts the run of time by becoming a legacy for the city and generations to come.

Hotel Umbral is a historic, timeless and avant-garde Hotel located in Venustiano Carranza 69, the street which was built and rebuilt with a monumental aspect, same characteristics which maintain the building that houses the hotel.

Hotel Umbral is located in the heart of one of the most dynamic, rich and historic metropolis of the world: Mexico City.

Discover the origin of your new experience.


To transport the visitor to a timeless journey which culminated in the serenity of an intimate room with the remaining memory of a unique experience by discovering each space through design, art and culture of contemporary Mexico.

To be the best group of boutique hotels in Mexico, assuring each hotel has a unique character which cannot be duplicates. We strive to be a reference in the market by providing an integral vision of business by recovering our patrimony and offering the best experience and service to all our visitors.
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