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Hotel Umbral

UMBRAL is a historical and timeless hotel on Palma street in downtown Mexico City.

The hotel is born from a restoration project of a protected historic building dating from 1924 and built in a piece of land which was formerly a part of a convent. The project strives to help the building maintain its essence without erasing its past. The property has recovered its foundation and origins with respect to meeting places. The sequence of spaces gathers moments, paths and uses redefining an urban refuge to bring the history of the city closer and sharing it.

UMBRAL is diaphanous: time, space, memory.

The name of the hotels makes reference to the intention of the space to take people out of the chaos and noise of downtown and into the serenity of an intimate space.

The hotel incorporates different transitions along the path from public areas and into the rooms. These transitions use the following elements to make themselves noticeable:

The architects proposal maintains de original physiognomy of the structure, which is why the rooms are all divided into different sections.

All the rooms are preceded by a dark vestibule which seeks to act as a buffer zone, a space of uncertainty and transition separated from the next by a curtain. When opened, this curtain reveals little by little what lays behind: a room full of light with white and grey tones and warm touches in linens and accessories.

The end of the journey is a completely white bathroom which reflects all light from its clean surfaces.

UMBRAL is the minimum amount of something necessary to make an effect perceptible.

All the filters which the user transits before finding calmness diminish little by little his or her cardiac rhythm until encountering the rooms which serve as spaces of relaxation and introspection.

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